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Signature Collection


Purpose GEAR is committed to donating 10% of our revenue every month to different charitable causes.


It would be much safer and more conservative to give part of what’s left over after expenses, than part of every dollar of revenue before rent, salaries, advertising, and all the other expenses are deducted.

However, that safer path is also much less audacious and meaningful.

One thing we admire about many great achievers is their willingness to go forth and try great things, despite the very real possibility of failure.


Couples Collection


Where will the donated money go?


The money will go to a different charity every month.* This will allow us to highlight a different need or cause each month, which will raise awareness and hopefully inspire others to donate their time or money.

*Donations will usually go to 501(c)3 nonprofits, but not always. There might be a terrific cause or need we can help address that for some reason doesn’t happen to be a 501(c)3. Regardless, we will definitely be upfront and transparent in every case.


LaughItOff Collection